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Mk2 RS Mexico – 1976 to 1978

Feb 02,2006 Julian

The Mk2 RS Mexico was released to an unsuspecting public in January 1976. The car was a very interesting release in that nobody really expected a Mk2 version of the Mexico. With the switch to the Mk2 bodyshell Ford released an entry level sport derivative in two forms; the 1300 Sport or 1600 Sport, As such, with the Mk2 RS2000 catering for the performance driver, and the RS1800 catering for the hardcore competition enthusiast, the Mexico was left sitting almost uncomfortably in the range, competing as it did, with four other Mk2 ‘sporting’ derivatives.

There was nothing to dissuade one from liking the Mk2 Mexico - just the opposite in fact - the car was a joy to drive and offered roughly the same level of performance as its Mk1 predecessor. The problem was more to do with cost, as the 1600 Sport was only around 10-BHP less but considerably cheaper, and the now super luxurious (and more powerful) RS2000 was only around £350.00 more expensive. That said over 2000 units were sold, and many enthusiasts now consider the RS Mexico more desirable due to its rarity.

Aside from the obvious bodyshell change, the main difference of the Mk2 Mexico against the Mk1 was the switch from the X-Flow engine to a 1593cc Pinto engine, borrowed from the Capri/Cortina, and featured the same Mk2 RS2000 external fittings. The interior was relatively basic and apart from the seats, featured the same trim as the 13/1600 Sport. Exterior styling featured the same front and rear spoilers as other Mk2 performance models with the addition of upper and lower pinstripes which met on the rear quarters and featured the offset Mexicolettering.


The Mk2 RS Mexico was eventually withdrawn towards the end of 1978, which in turn saw the Mk2 RS2000 split into two formats; ‘Base’ and ‘Custom.’ In effect, the Base model was meant to appeal to those who would have purchased the Mexico, although as suspected the sales for the Base model never amounted to those of the Custom but Ford seemed happy to continue the two specs as it undoubtedly proved easier manufacturing two trim levels of RS2000 as apposed to the different body types of the Mexico & RS2000 (flat-front V’s droop-snoot).

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