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Mk1 Twincam

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Jun 21,2006   Julian

1/18 Ford Escort Mk1 TC 1968

imageAsk most people to pick a memorable year from the sixties and you’re lightly to find 1966 comes out top. For me though, 1968 was far more memorable, for it was the year of the Escort, and the legendary Twin Cam, to be precise. In its day, the Twin Cam Escort was a highly regarded sports saloon, and a true competitor to the Alfas, BMWs and Lancias of the time in both rally and track guises. This highly detailed 1/18 scale replica from Minichamps comes with opening bonnet, boot and doors, and features working steering. Measures approximately 10 inches ... [full story]

Jan 30,2006   Julian

Mk1 Twin-Cam 1968 to 1971

imageWhen we discuss the conception of the first major competition Escort, we need to understand that it was not a pre-planned release, well, at least not in the traditional sense! In fact, the whole car was developed in just over 12-months! To understand the emergence of the Twin-Cam Escort in 1968 we first need to take a step back to late 1966 and the awaited arrival of the Mk2 Lotus Cortina. Escort Twin-Cam (This model has ... [full story]

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