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Mk1 RS2000

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Jun 23,2006   Julian

1/43 Ford Escort MkI RS2000

imageAlthough only produced for two years, the Ford Escort MkI RS200 made a big impact, both in terms of RS sales and desirability among customers. The car sat neatly between the RS1600 and Mexico models in terms of performance, but provided plush interior styling and accessories not seen before. This fantastic 1/43 model shows a road going version of a 1973 MkI Escort RS2000 with four spoke RS alloys and a vinyl roof. Available from Grand Prix Legends.Click Herefor more details and pricing. [full story]

Feb 01,2006   Julian

Mk1 RS 2000 – 1973 to 1974

imageThe Mk1 RS2000 was a big hit with customers from the moment it was released and received favourable reviews in the motoring press as a car that sat neatly between the existing Mexico and RS1600 models, both in terms of price and performance. However, the drop in performance from the RS1600 was only slight, and like the Mexico, offered easier maintenance, servicing and cheaper insurance over the RS1600. The engine chosen for the task was the 2.0 litre overhead cam Pinto, which had provided sterling work ... [full story]

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