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Mk1 Mexico

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Jun 23,2006   Julian

1/43 Ford Escort MkI Mexico

imageDull it aint!! This fantastic Escort MkI Mexico pretty much sums up everything that the RS marque was about; bold styling twinned with a mean competitive look that would turn heads at one hundred paces - certainly a car that stands out in a crowd! This road going version of the Escort MkI Mexico with original stripes is available in white, red or yellow - A must for any collector! Available from Grand Prix Legends.Click Here for more details and pricing. [full story]

Feb 01,2006   Julian

Mk1 Mexico – 1970 to 1974

imageThe Escort Mexico was announced in 1970, taking its name from the London to Mexico rally, however, as a ‘product’ the concept went back as far as 1968 and was in essence, much of the reasoning behind the new AVO plant - in short, the idea was to provide a mass produced sporting Escort that would be cheaper, easier to maintain, and easier to insure than the RS1600. The early Mexico was pretty much the same ... [full story]

Feb 24,2006   Julian

Mk1 Escort Mexico – NDG 619M

imageThere are some cars you never forget, your first RS being one of them. This stage prepared Mk1 Escort Mexico was my first proper foray into RS ownership and I loved every minute of it! Truth is, she was a bit of a dog, but had character and speed by the bucket load! The interior was stripped bare with bucket seats, harnesses & rollcage, and fireproofing between the interior and boot. The 1600GT X-flow engine had been bored to 1760 and the block was fitted with flat top pistons and matched to a semi-chambered head. ... [full story]

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