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RS 3100

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Jun 23,2006   Julian

1/18 Ford Capri RS 3100 Ludwig DRM 1975

imageThe German prepared Works RS Capris were a force to be reckoned with on the European race circuits during the seventies, scoring countless wins in several classes.This 1/18 scale replica is of the Ford Capri RS 3100 raced by Klaus Ludwig to victory in the Hockenheim round of the 1975 DRM. Measures approximately 10'' (25cm) in length. Available from Grand Prix Legends.Click Here for more details and pricing. [full story]

Feb 16,2006   Julian

RS 3100 - 1973

imageThe RS 3100 Capri came about through the British desire for a road going RS Capri, and also the fact that after an impressive couple of years on the track, the works RS2600 Capri’s were beginning to come under fire from the new BMW CSL. As such, the short run RS3100 was more to do with providing a base for homologation as the Mark2 Capri was just around the corner. The result was a car based on the British 3-litre GT, bored out to 3.1-litre, although the works machines were nearer 3.4-litre. ... [full story]

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